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To work, a drug has to be properly metabolized, absorbed, and utilized. How you metabolize medications is unique to you.  Only a pharmacogenomic DNA test can forecast how you will be affected by 100s of drugs.  No other tests—not urine, blood, ancestry—or family history provides the needed information.

The good news is it’s easy, painless, and affordable.  And, for all the medications we test for (and more are being added as they become FDA approved) you will know if a medicine will help you, do nothing for you, harm you, or even kill you.  The more drugs you take, the greater the risk.

Even drugs you have taken for years can put you at risk in the future.  Now you can know in advance and decide whether or not to avoid the risk.

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What You Get

  1. A PGx genetic test that identifies the specific drugs and dosage that will work safely and effectively for each individual
  2. A personalized report that takes a look at all the things that influence drug effectiveness and safety
    • Your genetics
    • Interactions among the prescription and over the counter drugs you are taking
    • Interactions with food and alcohol
    • Interactions with supplements and vitamins
    • Nutrient depletion needing supplements to be added
    • Known side effects to watch for
    • Allergic reactions
    • Tips for taking them safely
  3. A Parallel Profile™ app that allows you to enter any drug and immediately know if it, or an alternative is better and safer for you, and how each alternative interacts with the other drugs you take, the food and alcohol you enjoy, the vitamins and supplements you take, and others you may need.  You can also set reminders to take your meds on time and as recommended so you are never at risk again.
A lot of medications just don't work for a lot of people because of their genetics.
Find out which medications best match your DNA.
Conditions and Drugs Tested (Partial List)
  • ADHD - Srattera, Focalin, Adderall, Nuedexta, Vyvanse, Desoxyn, Ritalin
  • Anxiety -  Xanax, Buspar, Klonipin, Valium, Tofranil, Ativan
  • Depression - Elavil, Amoxapine, Abilify, Zyban, Enablex, Norpramin, Pristiq, Silienor, Cymbalta, Lexapro, Prozac, Luvox, Lamictal, Fetzima, Ludiomil, Remeron, Nefazodone, Zyprexa
  • Pain - Alfenta, Zyloprim, Otelza, Briviact, Subutex, Suboxone, Celebrex, Celexra, Tylenol, Codeine, Flexeril, Voltaren, Relpax, Uloric, Duragesic, Ocufen, Vicodin, Tussicaps, Vicoprofen, Dilaudid, Advil, Ketalar, Orudis, Torasol, Arava, Zurampic, Levo Domoran, Lidoderm, Emla, Mobic, Demerol, Skelaxin, Methadose, Robaxin, Medrol, Mexitil, Versed, MS Contin, Embeda, Relafen, Evzio, Revia, Aleve, Treximet
  • Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) - Cordarone, Soma, Pletal, Pradaxa, Lanoxin, Cardizem, Multaq, Promacta, Tambocor, Arixtra, Corlanor, Adalat
  • Hypertension (HTN) / High Blood Pressure (HBP) - Norvasc, Lotrel, Tenorim, Edarbi, Lotensin, Lotensin HCT, Zebeta, Bumex, Atacand, Atacand HCT, Capozide, Capoten, Coreg, Capvey, Cardura, Savaysa, Vasaretic, Teveten, Plendil, Lasix, Hydralazine, Bildil, Microzide, Avapro, Avalide, Normodyne, Prinzide, Cozaar, Hyzaar, Lopressor, Lopressor HCT, Mexitil, Bystolic, Adalat, Sular, Nipride
  • Cholesterol - Lipitor, Liptruzet, Plavix, Tricor, Lescol, Mevacor
  • Diabetes - Diabenese, Amaryl, Duetact, Glucotrol, Glynase, Glucophage, Actoplus Met, Starlix
  • Birth Control - Ortho Evra, Yaz
  • Erectile Dysfunction - Stendra


350 people die everyday from an unexpected adverse reaction to a prescription drug that is safe and effective for most people.

Match your Medications to your DNA and learn how to always take your medications safely.*