Could the medications she takes do her more harm than good?

Parallel Profile™ will tell you which ones can safely work for her.

Children with Parents (1)

A medication has to be properly metabolized, absorbed and utilized in order to help your parents. How they will respond to a medication is as unique as their fingerprints.

Millions of people are better off because of the miracle of a prescription medication…but not everyone.

Every day 350 Americans die and more than 7,400 are hospitalized, because of an unexpected adverse drug reaction (ADR).

A Parallel Profile™ can save her life.

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Parallel Profile™ — matching your medications to your DNA

“I could have saved myself horrific worry, and my mother a lot of suffering, if I’d known her genetics.”

A Parallel Profile ™ will tell you which medications can work and be safe for your parents.
"Safe for most people didn’t include me. Or my daughter. Or my dad."

Every 4 minutes one American dies from an ADR.

Every 12 seconds one American is hospitalized with an ADR.

A Parallel Profile™ can save the life of a parent.